Outpace Chess Academy

Be a Chess Champion


Outpace Chess Academy is one of the most premier Chess Academies in India, which provides Chess Coaching online for thousands of young champs across the globe. We provide chess coaching at different levels. Our advanced online batches are aimed at those who are interested in taking up chess professionally, and the sessions are handled by 

  • FIDE Masters

  • Asiatic Chess Champions

  • World Junior Chess Champions

  • Indian Chess Team Coaches

  • National Chess Champions


These highly experienced trainers guide the students with focused attention to improve their proficiency in chess and make them well-rounded professionals. 

Our Courses Include

  • Beginner Chess Program

  • Intermediate Chess Program

  • Advanced Chess Program


We provide live and interactive learning sessions and continuous practice games monitored by our professional coaches. The performance and growth of each student are monitored, and development plans are designed accordingly. Regular practice tournaments are arranged to expose the students to the live tournament experience. Life lessons taught in our chess coaching will help the students' Holistic Growth.

Join for a Friendly Game Before Joining the Coaching?

     You are always welcome to join for a friendly game with our team. If you like to have an interaction with our coach, please register and we will arrange an online meeting during the next available slot.

Register here for a  Demo Session